Dancing With Myself || Digital Gallery Opening

Bear Went Over the Mountain || 2001 Taos New Mexico || Turtle Heart Ojibwe Artist

Today I make a dance with myself and announce the opening of a digital art gallery of my collected works, from 1979 until 2012. This is the best destination at this moment to see the artistic works of this artist in stone, wood, pigments, photography and type. Shaman Art Gallery is the only place where you can purchase art by this artist. So we are happy to nnounce this new digital gallery in celebration of decades of art exploration and revelation of one American Indian Artist.
Opening ||Turtle Heart has been an artist working in stones, pigments, photography, digital and print since 1975. He is an Ojibway American Indian artist living and working on Pantelleria Island, in the Mediterranean Sea.
In January of Twenty Twelve, Turtle Heart has put up a comprehensive gallery of Collected Works || 1979 to 2012. This is the best place at present to see the unique artistoc stylings of an artist with a passion for illustrating and defining American Indian sacred ceremony.
Sales || Collected Works are offered for sale. We use the Paypal system. We have used it for twenty years and it has worked perfectly for us. You may of course contact us directly for any arrangements to bring one of these treasures into your collection.
This is the only authorized location where original works of art by Turtle Heart can be examined and purchased. We will answer any reasonable questions about the art selections. You may also request via email additional photographs or details about any object in the collection.
As an artist, my life has brought me far away from the gallery streets of the famous old towns. I hope that the internet can be the new community of world travelers, of universal citizens. I guarantee completely and absolutely your satisfaction in the purchase of this art.
I am Turtle Heart. I am an artist in motion. I rest with the daughter of the Wind.
Pantelleria Italy
January Twenty Twelve

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