Feather of an Eagle

A new Book has arrived ||

(left) Eagle Feather painting. © 2010, Turtle Heart.

For the last several years I worked very hard to write a book about my experiences with the sacred of the American Indian. In the end I wrote over 600 pages of comments and teachings on this subject, my life for the last forty years or so. In the end I found a publisher who thought the work might have some merit, here in Italy. I live these days in Italy, on a small island called Pantelleria.

The publisher and I areed to an edited version that trims the commentary from 600 pages to just around 100 pages. This condensed document was translated into the Italian language. For me this was a great thing. I really love it that my work is discussed in print in this language of my new home. I was able to also include a selection of petry and a gallery of my art images reflecting the mystery life and the sacred.

This book is now available to the world market. My first paper-published "book". I have been writing poetry, prose and publishing original tribal art online since 1986, for free. The published book goes into details that have never been published online.

Here are the details of my first published book:

La piuma dell'aquila
Prezzo € 22,50 || Edizione 14,5 x 22 || Pagine 200 
|| ISBN978-88-87944-80-8
|| Language Italiano

Click here to Visit Venexia.it.... or your local bookstore. First edition is only 800 copies.

There is something very compelling about holding a book you have written in your own hands. It is a very different experience than writing something for the internet. I hope this book will help advance the cause of the World Journey of the Four Directions Unity Bundle.

I receive no payments or royalties for the first edition, as my contribution to the cost of translation and color printing (there are 16 color plates of my paintings). For me, this is ok.

I feel really good about this publisher. The owner was very clear in her ideas and proposals. Having a real editor work with you is very educational. Their contribution to the work is very powerful and in this case very comfortable for me. We concentrated on the essentials, a work that contains the positive, the magical. I have no idea how to write a review of my own book.

I hope in the near future we can make an English language edition available.

There are so many good and sweet people in this country. Coming here has saved my life. The hospitality, kindness and support I have for this work is very beautiful in this country. Several god friends help me write this book. The translation and editorial work of Venexia was really supportive, patient and easy. The book was expensive to print, as it contains a large number of paintings and other full page images which illustrate the work of the tribal sacred. I believe the work should be viewed in 3 bodies, poetry, text, paintings-photography. Each body of the book tells the same story in a different way.

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