Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nurse Jackie | Edie Falco

A new Showtime series, starring Edie Falco. I download episodes to my computer. At first I was initially interested in Edie Falco. She is an interesting character herself and through her character is really an exceptional actress. A good actor takes us on a journey, and compels us to come with them. I was in the medical profession for some years, though now many years ago. This is a series where Edie Falco portrays an emergency room nurse. The rich complexities of her characters life are balanced by her direct and take no prisoners response to her responsibilities and vices. I am really impressed by this new medium for a gifted artist to use the acting arts in this interesting and powerful way. The stories are interesting. The central figures of the cast are women, each a jewel in their own right. The central men are an interesting mix of fools, gay men, heroic and poetic heterosexuality. In this sense the inter-social weaving of this setting is as artful as the acting. Nurse jackie shows us the system…the medical system, the insurance system, the uninsured, the immigrant, the pompous, the noble dead and dying. This is a matrix one could easily surmise of all the best elements for art and talent to flourish. The window we have moves from humor to horror to sarcasm to revelation to mediocrity that comes from gifted staff and crew efforts. The whole effort is very satisfying….and goes by quickly. Episodes run about 55 minutes, but it goes by so quickly I had to check to be sure.

The acting arts and film making are great tools and refuges in the mystery life, in a good life, in an open society. A good film is one of societies treasures. I have not written many reviews of film. I do watch films and really enjoy the experience sometimes. Most of the time I am disappointed or unimpressed or just nonplussed by what is made available. I really like Edie Falco. I am happy to see her take on a new project, be recognized, and invite us to come with her. If you watch television or download video from your computer, I would check this new series out.

Hopefully within the year there will be subtitles and local language versions of this show available. I have been watching the English episodes, now in the 5th episode of season one.

I do not have a television, not for some years now. I do enjoy films and video and have followed a few of my favorite shows using the internet, which is now pretty easy to do. I invested in a good 24 inch monitor for my computer and this makes a good viewing experience for two people.

I find I like using the Internet to find films and videos more and more. With high speed internet you can get what you want, even experiment if you like. In recent years the whole experience of selecting for yourself what you want to watch in the media has made a huge impact on the take what we give you network system that I grew up with for nearly sixty years.

I found this new show just by word of mouth in Internet reviews, so I am doing the same and passing along the news. If you like real life served up with spice, character, wit and just an edge of the forbidden, Nurse Jackie is a gem.

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