Leonard Peltier || A Scam that keeps on Scamming

The Leonard Peltier scam keeps on giving. It has a new ambition, the ear of President of the United States, one Barack Black Eagle Obama.

Presently a man has been presenting a petition on-line, in cooperation with Looking Horse,Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Woman Sacred Pipe of the Lakota Nation. His bizarre petition can be found here. I encourage readers to enter comments against this petition at the site.

They want to meet with US President Obama. Do they want to ask the US to help with the rampaging violence, alcoholism, rape, unemployment suicides and poverty, elder abuse, child sexual abuse, violence against women, illiteracy and mountains of other problems which is the daily life of the Plains Tribal nations?


They want Obama to let convicted murderer and gangster Leonard Peltier out of prison. This is the big and most important issue for these crazy people behind this petition. Peltier is serving a life sentence for the assassination of two FBI agents. Freeing this gangster is why they want to meet with the President of the United States.

Arvol Looking Horse, the Keeper of a very sacred tribal pipe bundle, has aligned himself with this petition. This, to me, is the strangest development of all. Why has he aligned himself with this publicity stunt?

I do not know, personally, a single American Indian who has ever believed Peltier was innocent. Peltier initiated an unprovoked attack against two FBI agents investigating crime on Pine Ridge reservation. He attacked two young men with a combat grade, M-16 automatic rifle, against 2 FBI agents armed only with small caliber pistols. The attack was unprovoked, except in the paranoid mind of this gangster and his gun. Peltier has many crimes he has yet answered for, including his part in brutalizing, torturing and murdering Anna Mae Aquash. As I say, I have never known personally an American Indian who believed this punk was not guilty. The man circulating this petition seems to have questionable motives…selling his crappy books, being “chosen” to be among the great Sioux “warriors”…..what is most phony? This ongoing scam to get this murderer freed from the just sentence imposed upon him has now brought in the name of a person we hope would be above such vulgarity and fraud, namely the keeper of the sacred Pipe bundle of those long-suffering Lakota. Who is this man that he would lend his name to seeking to talk to the president of the united states about this punk Leonard Peltier…but has no interest in talking to the government or the world about the many problems and disasters which are the reality of the day to day life on Sioux reservations?

This whole petition for Obama is opportunism. I think this petition, with the name of Looking Horse attached to it is strange. It brings questions about that sacred pipe, that man, of the elders and leadership around him. While the propaganda theatrics of the so-called supporters of Leonard Peltier avoids the truth, it is a tragedy that the name of the sacred pipe is being associated with this monumental flim-flam. There are so many vitally important and pressing issues in American Indian life. This one issue, this Peltier issue, is a fog, a cloud over what is real and what is important right now. While people are free to behave in a politically active way, even for a cause such as this, it is sad to see sacred officers and spiritual leaders lend their name to such questionable work. Peltier is a symbol of nothing good. Helping Peltier does not help any American Indian anywhere except Peltier. People desperate for attention are not the best people to rely upon to understand what is needed to support the American Indian. A lot of people around the world have been fooled.

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