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Writing the Book

My attention in these last weeks has been directed entirely at finishing a book about my life with Sacred Pipe. At the moment the initial draft is finished and soon it will be sent for copyright registration.

It has taken two years to write this book. The last four months it has taken many hours each day to work to bring it home.

There has never been a book written in the first person by an American Indian on this subject. It makes sense that the first effort in this direction would be from someone like me. I have spent my life under the direction of my tribal elders. I have held the form without surrender or compromise.

The gigantic mountain of trash on these sacred subjects which is regurgitated on the internet and in the few published works available have contributed one notable factor to the truth about tribal sacred matters: confusion.

Readers who find my book will not be confused. Clarity in intent and delivery has been the abiding rule I established in my relationship with the many tribal elders who guided and supported my work over these last forty years or so.

A blog is a kind of journal, at least that was the original intent. The journal of the World Journey of the Four Directions Unity Bundle does not break the way daily news breaks. It is a slower movement. Most of the real work is not in a verbal realm.

The holiday season fills me with a curious indifference and this has been reflected in very few blog entries. In the end the blog is my own reflection about myself and about the work.

A new US President comes into office today. He inherits a vulgar and thoughtless disaster brought to us by one of the most incompetent leaders in recent history. I can only dream of the remote possibility that a new administration would bring georgefuckingbush before a criminal court. The new president has some American Indian credentials. It remains to be seen if this will bring any relief or changes to what is basically a neglected, abused and somewhat desperate American Indian population. I will not speculate. If his own blood can have a voice in his soul, Obama will make a difference. He cannot save everybody. If he can just save himself from a bullet and stand up as a decent and thoughtful human being I will be relieved and satisfied, as should the world.

I wish they would bring back stoning and publicly stone george bush and his father to death. Not a threat, just a wish. Where I live we have a special stone which is called, in the local language, “mazzacane”, which means “kill the dog”, in Pantesche. Goodbye, asshole.

The book is over 800 pages, with color paintings and original poetry added to the text. Mamma Mia. Now to find a publisher interested in publishing the first ever book of American Indian sacred ceremonies written by an American Indian. Yes, I know good luck. If you have any ideas make a note in the comments section.

Obama. Yes. The word is go. I have just the slow analog modem but I read the speech and looked at photos and hot emotional and cried. This is really a great moment. Billions of smiling people all over the world, smiling and happy and filled with hope for a man who is just a man, but a moment something greater than just a man. Very emotional and important moment for the USA.

Let the goo dtimes begin. Yes, a lot of suffering but maybe the pain won’t be wasted this time. For the last 8 years there was suffering and it was pretty much you are on your own. Something has changed. Stay alert. Get off you ass and help the good times come back. Be happy and do something.

Buy my book. My Big Book. Two years of work. We need this book. Maybe I will send a copy to Obama.

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