Sunday, August 31, 2008

What Place the Savage ?

The internet is filled with strange people. Some of the most strange of all time are self-appointed protectors and self-appointed guardians against, excuse me, I mean for American Indians.

In a polite society if someone decides to be your guardian, and you have not asked them for help, this is a crime called stalking. Criminal stalking is a felony crime in North America. Because of that little privilege called freedom of speech, stalkers can use words on the internet, making them up as they go along.

This is what is happening in many places. I recently read a story about myself on an Italian blog. They were wondering why I was so far from the reservation. They seemed personally offended that some American Indian that they don’t know was doing something they know nothing about. Even so, they bill themselves as the protectors of American Indians in Italy. No one asked them to do this.

So let’s get this straight. A group of people I don’t know and never heard of writes about a man they know nothing about in way that sounds like they have some sort of official status in the tribal world. Sound strange?

Groups like this are relentless and quite numerous. They have zero official status among American Indian people. If one of the subjects of their admonishment articles contacts them they have nothing to say and run and hide their computers. This is like crying wolf or yelling fire before you know what is going on. It may not be criminal press, but it is certainly psychopathic press.

Why does American Indian culture have these plastic police looking for plastic indians? What sickness has befallen modern society that American Indian people are allowed to have no work, no travel, no peace, no culture, no support but only judgement, finger-pointing and the occasional fantasy about the sacred noble savage????

In my tribal culture we measure people by the quality of their actions and know how to decide for ourselves what and who is right for us. Isn’t that how you do it in your family?

Not all American Indians are collecting casino cash on some reservation with their star-studded enrollment papers clinched in their red little fists waiting for some white man to tell them they are ok, they are approved indians.

Strangers offering approval and disapproval ratings of other strangers is just to odd to take seriously. Charles Bronson once said about film critics, “The actors and directors and film-makers are the center of the wheel of the movies, the fans and audience are the spokes of this wheel, the critic is the slimy stuff that sticks to the wheel as it goes around". Sticky trash sticking to the wheels as it goes around. People who need to pick through the trash to find their daily news may not be the most reliable reporters.

There is an old saying that he who looks in the mirror and sees only shit is because he is looking at shit. People who make their life looking for trouble will always find it. Even if they have to make it up. Plastic people see only other plastic people....

Of all the strange problems these days! Tribal people have to work through so much bad information in order to communicate at all with the people of the modern world. I have always accepted that part of the work of the Four Directions Unity Bundle is to offer opportunities for people to speak clearly, openly and honestly with each other. Call it a resource of good information. Good information is hard to come by on many subjects. Naturally it is a little harder when the good information is attacked by people who have never heard it, investigated it, participated in it or had a conversation with anyone who did experience it.

If I were a drinking man I think I would get drunk tonight.

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