Barack Black Eagle and the Bullet

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Amerika? Hello. I know you.

We have this very bright man, who is part Native American, part African American and part White. Very interesting. He is very exciting and brave and shiny. It is almost certain that someone will try and kill him. In recent days it seems to even be part of Hilary Clinton’s strategy. It has become a topic for off-color jokes on fox news.

Obama has been adopted by a Crow Nation family, the Black Eagle Family. So now he is called Black Eagle. I wonder if he is a smart as he thinks he is. Since his election would change everything, certainly his assassination would turn everything to shit. Instead of a brave new day we will have a gigantic bucket of shit dumped on the world if he is killed. In this sense I think he has a gigantic ego which will do no one any good, him least of all. Why would he put the country in this position? It seems suicidal and a little psychotic that he choose this moment to change everything. If he is killed nothing will change and it will be same old with a vengeance if that happens. For this reason I think he is an unrealistic asshole.

I think it would be great if he beats McCain, who may be the most dangerous of all the assholes who have ever run for president. And he is white beyond question, beyond any doubt. White. White. White. But the white man is no longer the majority in the voting in Amerika now. The white man has step by step lost a lot of his political power. Left up to the white men, there is no question McCain will be the next president. But it is no longer up to white man.

If he wins I hope he will just lock himself in the white house and never come out. With big screen video conferencing and high speed internet and mobile phones, he could just stay in the building and get things done. This would be real courage. The way it seems no his courage seems like fake courage to me. If he is in fact assassinated, it will do a lot of damage to the country, to the world. It would be the complete waste of an otherwise sterling life.

I would like to believe Amerika is ready for an African American\American Indian President. Sounds pretty cool. Do you think we have grown up enough for such a president?

The stupid “&£££//)==ing Cherokee nation of Oklahoma has come out for McCain. Another strange development. McCain is one of the US Senators on the Indian Affairs Committee. Can’t see where he has done anything AT ALL for any Indian person anywhere on this earth. There are a lot of Indians in his home state of Arizona. Never heard even one of them say he has done anything at all that they would notice.

So here we are. Hilary is down. I thought she would win it for sure. During the campaign she sure showed herself to be a rapid monkey’s ass, much to the surprise of her many early supporters. Her husband has become quite the joke and would have to elevate himself quite a bit at this point to even be called a monkey’s ass. So we have this tiny, broken little white man and this brave, arrogant and seemingly blind black man for our November choice. And this is Amerika. Yes I know you very well. I can almost smell the gunpowder from here.

Maybe it will work out well. Maybe I will live forever. Maybe I have aged into a doubting old fart. Maybe I know thee all to well, O Amerika.

It makes perfect sense to me that no one would raise a hand against George W Fucking Bush Jr, that piece of shit. Look at what he has done? No one has raised a finger against him. He is richer and whiter and dumber than ever. No, like the killing of Kennedy or King, we reserve our American bullets for the good and the brave and the kind. Since most Amerikans are bastards anyway, why would they kill one of their own, like dubya the dumb ass?

I would be more than satisfied if events and time prove me wrong. I will not hold my breath. I hope he can figure out how to stay safe.

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