Monday, April 09, 2007


“You can love me or leave me
because I am never going to stop


Yes. Never stop moving. Forward. Even if it only one breath every day. Just lean your big head forward and inhale slowly. Something is inside your body. Something has been put in there. It is your life. Move It. Forward.

Never stopping. Sometimes even waiting is a kind of motion. In a world of shadow and light.

When I promised the old indians I would move forward. I was alive. At that sweet moment. I was a baby that believed everything. I believed what my senses told me. I listened. To the life inside of me. Life Song. The music is the motion. Sitting quite still on the earth the old indian was singing. The sun was rising just as the smoke came from his lips and married itself to the wind; to the daughter of the wind. Dancing Life. Moving inside his toes, he does not lift his feet but his body is a wave, beside the sea. A Wave. Apart. Joining in by standing still.

While we were away from the island for a few days, the postman gave our mail to a friend of ours. We did not ask him to do this or tell him we were away from the island. When we came home he stopped by to be sure we contacted our friend to get our mail. Though the island is small, the postman is moving forward. He is like our uncle always bringing us treats. He is a man of Pantelleria. It is clear his spirit is in motion.

A woman we know seeks the truth. She works as a doctor and has a lot of teaching for every ear. She is filled with information and takes up all the space in the room when she talks. She asked for the mystery life to tell her some truth about herself. Working together we showed her a place in the mystery life where she could see her reflection in the true eyes of compassion. She abandoned her patients and sits only with anger and will never look this way again. She did not like the woman the mystery life showed to her. She is a woman asleep inside her own dream. Standing still. Frozen with Knowledge.

Sometimes to know the truth is to stand naked in a storm and know that you are the wind and rain which freezes your own body.

Sometimes to know the truth, you need only feel love and feel everybody and walk away singing. Satisfied. In motion.

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