Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sacred Space: Ancient Space: The Ancient Future

I have stopped my ordinary life and now it is this work which will carry me to the end of my life. I am an old Indian man making a ceremony around the earth.

Building a sacred circle around this earth takes time.... time, step by step and part by part to build something precious and beautiful. Each person who shares in these ceremonies is becoming part of the building, the structure and energy of what we will have when it is finished.

Creator has given us a new world, yet also one that is dangerously dominated by old policies and systems...Over these many centuries people brought new religious thinking and scientific tools into the world community. Now the Sacred Pipe is moving in this world community.The sacred pipe ceremonies brings humanity to the center of these many philosophies and knowledge systems which have progressed humanity. Sacred Pipe is a teaching at the center of all these worlds, the 8 worlds of human history that has taken us to this point.....it is a teaching about living in your body and living on the mother earth....it is a teaching about unlocking the dreamer so humanity can go to the next level of consciousness and the next level of peace and knowledge....yes, the sacred pipe is here to unlock the dreamer within....to unlock the memories, the songs and the visions that will carry us to where they need to be; a new experience we do not yet know fully but which is unfolding for us in the sacred silence of the mystery life......
Turtle Heart (Ojibway Wabeeno)

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