Sacred Openings : In Honour of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Supreme Court Justice

©2020 Turtle Heart

copyright ©2020 Turtle Heart. All rights reserved.

 This poem is not about Justice Ginsberg, but I think she would get it....and in part it will explain to you what is left now that she is gone. This is a dangerous moment in human history. Equinox is just some hours away, explains the reference to Equinox you will read here.

To say that the United States is captured and being ravaged by a criminally insance sociopathic administration is the kindest thought I have these days. I wonder why the left is so timid and polite in the face of this tragic and dangerous moment?

When our precious few Angels who carry light to the Earth are all gone, what is left? Look around and answer this question yourself.

(Shadow Land ) ©

The sacred Gateways of Equinox and Solstice are mighty doors

They can be opened with the eight-sided key

That is the only way you can open them and pass through

Everyone is given this key when their bodies arrive on the earth 

from the wombs of their mothers. 

If you look carefully in the mirror 

you will see that this is the truth. It is right there.

No one can pass through for you

A priest cannot do it for you, or a president or a godfather

We pass through one by one

By our own efforts

There are no lines to wait in, no fees to pay,

no permits are required

You are there, or you are not there. 

There are no apps for that

There are no discounts.

It requires no technology

not even an education

You do not have to travel to the gateway

You are already there

Billions of human beings live all alone

inside a world with no prince

drifting in a sacred mother shp with no captain

dreamless throughout the night

our churches filled with rage and indifference

our governments stuffing the cash in their pockets

while children without food or hope

cry themselves to sleep

where our elders stand with their hands in their empty pockets

inside a dirty sky, filled with smoke and oil

standing at the shores of the great sea

stinking and burning from the black money

of the paymaster

as birds fall from the sky

and dead sea animals float to the shore

twenty twenty

another gateway in the mystery life of time

the sacred doors broken

closed and deserted

the silence screams

the hard works pays nothing

the food we eat is trucked in

from big steel buildings

the seeds themselves owned by lawyers and empty men

dressed in gold and silver

who looked back to remember 

who we were or where we were going

right here where the sun never sets and the moon never rises

the shadows grow longer, and longer still

and no one looks in there

so the shadows grow and grow

my heart was holding a song, so i sang it

my dreams were carrying me, like a great wind

my hands were open and the earth was holding me

i was there looking into the darkness

I was there remembering where I was going

I remembered where I had been

and in the darkness I wept

i have come so far

but nothing has changed

and it is easier and safer to stand still

and not risk moving forward

in case the police decide to shoot me dead

yes my friend

when I look in the eight directions

with my eyes open

my heart beating

my feet on the earth

I pretend to believe we are all good people

we are all doing what we need to do

we have peace in our heart

we are not against the others who are not like us

we hold our families close

yet my eyes cannot close

I cannot stop seeing the shadows growing

I cannot hear

the prayers of god

Turtle Heart

Equinox Mudjeekwas 2020

Pantelleria Island


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