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Solstice of Winter 2008

Day Before The Day Before the Big Sale


Fritz Scholder Painting Used to Wrap Old Dead Fish (Breaking News)

A Song in Sardinia

19 November 2008 ||

Correction Way || New World Ceremony

Emotions of Hope

Vote || Get Up Off Your Ass and VOTE

Christopher Columbus || Homicidal Hustler and Pimp for the Pope

DreamTime in the Flat of the Po

Burning Feet || Correction Ceremony ..... (Moving with the Moon)

Sacred Bowl of water || Part Two

What Place the Savage ?

Sacred Water || Sardinian Ceremony of the Keeping Spirit

Who Pays for the Sacred?

The Big Eagle || 1916 - 2008

Red People and Wild Goats

Turtle Heart || Public Record


Let the Truth Be Known Though the Heavens May Fall

Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman (Universal Blues)