Emerency : VOTE Blue As If Your Life Depended Upon It : Warning



The 2020 Election can be stolen by the GOP. All they have to do is invalidate and "ignore" mail in ballots, being used in record numbers this election cycle. There are precedents that may allow States to do this: these state would then appoint their own hand-picked electoral college votes to confirm GOP candidates. Staes controlled by the GOP can do this. It has never been done before but it is being discussed, on the record. Search for it.

The left, the Democrats do in fact have the people for a Biden win and a US Senate win, but Democrats are lazy about turning out.

You can't do that this time. Every vote is needed. An unmistakable landslide victory by the DNC candidates, the Blue candidates is the one sure way to save us all.

You must get out and vote.

You will be responsible for the tragic disaster of a second Trump term if you do not vote.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave her life trying to hold her Supreme Court Seat for a Democrat. You know that, right? She held on and held on.

What are you going to do???


I vote with Domocrats Abroad and use the fine, no fuss services of Vote From Abroad to apply for, receive and cast my ballot here from Italy.


Turtle Heart : Ojibwe Artist : American Voter

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