(World) Four Directions Unity Bundle

The water is the property of the women. Each year, for example, at the head waters of the Mississippi River (Where it begins) there is a ceremony. In this ceremony offerings of water gathered from around the world are ceremonially added to these ancient waters. While it is not a secret, it is an official behavior of the indigenous people who have prayed and lived with this water for possibly 10s of thousands of years. This is a ceremony by the women and from the women. The water is sacred. It is a woman.

Perhaps the strangest of all modern facts is the one about the Water. Modern Society has killed its Water. It has poisoned the life of nearly all water on this earth. Society has done this without noticing it has done this. Being oblivious. Life is so short and amazing I do not understand why the brain offers being oblivious as an option for people. Being oblivious is a choice people have made. People make many choices. It is possible to breathe for a minute and evaluate those choices. Sometimes you may think you can’t change anything. But that’s not right. You are not paying attention.

Most of my life I have gathered little vials of Water from the places where I hold my ceremonies with the World Journey of the Sacred Pipe (The Journey of the World Unity Bundle). When I am able I will send these Waters with a woman who might be attending. Sometimes I have used the postal system and mailed them there.

On the little island where I live we have ZERO fresh Water. Only rain water gathered in cisterns from the winter and spring rains. There was a big machine that purified sea water but it has stopped working last year. My house is 400 years old. It sits on top of a large stone cistern that is filled from the dome-shaped roof. Rain Water. It is an interesting meditation to cook your pasta with the Rain Water.

Society has done so many tragic things in the sky and these bad things are carried by the winds: who can say what is really the safety and clarity of Rain Water?

As time goes on I think and feel the Waters more and more. In my astrological birth chart I was born without Water. No planets, no points. It took me a long time to understand what this really means. I went around the circle of light and shadow many times in my education about Water. No I live on an island surrounded by but without Water. You learn life is not possible without Water.

If you believe you are feeling nothing, then you are near to that position of being oblivious. Like not being able to live with Water, you cannot live without Feeling Something.

Yes. There are so many causes. Yet how oblivious have we come to the truth that it is really a lot of failures triggered by one failure. Choice. Usually a god person will make a good choice if they try. We hear a lot about doing the right thing. I try to do the right thing when I sit with the ancient drum or hold my Eagle Feathers. I try to keep it simple. Near the root.

I am a little otter. River Otter Clan. The Water of the River and the Rain. On a good day you can slide for miles and miles on your belly, riding the glistening water of the rivers and the rain. Otters know how to do this and enjoy doing this. You should see their faces when they slide. River Otter Clan people carry sacred things, sacred songs, sacred ideas. because they are so shiny it is easy for the mystery life to see them when they are playing with the water. God likes our sense of humor. The Smile.

Open Heart. Even if only when, for a moment, you look at the light on the Water, wherever that Water may be.

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